• How free shipping works ?

We ship our artwork all across the world, if you live in Canada you are eligible to free shipping. Some remote locations within Canada might be subject to paid shipping.

  • How long until I receive my package ?

Our process is laid out in 4 steps, Production > Stretching >  Packaging > Shipping.

Usually our time frame for our Hand Made Paintings is up-to 4 weeks until the customer receives the painting depending on customer's location further away from our headquarter in Montreal, Quebec.

  • Where are we located ?

We are located in Montreal, Quebec, CANADA. Our current address is not drop-off/pick-up friendly yet. But that is our next big project. So we can offer a more familiar atmosphere to our local customers.

  • What is our return policy ?

Our return policy is stated in the Terms&Conditions page, but to make it a short answer. We are a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If you're not satisfied with your item and wish to return it. 

Just put it back in it's packaging, protected and unharmed and ship it back to our address. Once we receive it and confirm with you, we will refund your order.

  • How to return an item ?

You need to ship it back to our address located in Montreal, Quebec. all the details are given to any customer wishing to return an item. We want to make your life as easy and simple as possible.

  • Do we accept Referral partners ?

We currently work with reputable artists for our selections of paintings. If you are an influencer, youtuber or a person with a considerable following. We do offer a referral partnership. Contact Us here if you're interested!

  • Are you hiring ?

We are currently hiring positions for our customer's custom art consulting, Interior Design needs and as well as Warehouse Operations.

For any other questions or concerns Contact Us Here