3 Things you do NOT get if you buy cheap paintings

Redecorating your home? Searching for a paintings sale? Please reconsider where you want to purchase your future wall art!

Paintings for sale in big box stores do NOT include these 3 things. You're paying for a mass produced painting, generally made by machines or cheap labor.

  1. Quality stretching. Often the painting that come at cheap price or mass produced have a common giveaway, the stretching is not done by a professional or no time was spent to properly stretch the painting. You can tap the painting from behind, a mass produced cheap wall art will always feel loose, while a hand stretched painting will feel strong and well stretched, usually tapping the canvas from behind will feel like a drum.
  2. MDF boards instead of real wood. Please turn that painting around, if you see MDF, then you have yourself a cheap quality mass produced painting. We've had many customers who experienced warped paintings, usually due to weather change from dry to humid. Paintings falling down and breaking, due to MDF screws become loose with time. Not to forget MDF dust contains formaldehyde and is toxic!
  3. They don't offer features that real bespoke artists do.  Varnish coating on the oil painting takes time and experience to pull off correctly. Carefully wrapping the edges with black linen tape for added beauty and detail of the painting. offering gallery style stretcher bars for a more premium look to the painting. All these are expertise only artists and bespoke painting makers are able to make.

Before we let you go, if you're looking to buy a painting. Make sure to reconsider between the mass produced cheap ones and real hand made quality. Of course not everyone is able to pay 1000$ or more for a painting, but for 50$ more than the cheapest one you can get, PLUS ready to hang and with free shipping to your door.

It is the best of both worlds, and that is what we offer at LOKO DEKO.

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